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Fabrication and Machining

Airforme products Ltd offer both new and traditional machining and fabrication techniques and are specialists in vacuum forming, by applying these methods we can produce vacuum formed products to a very high specification.

We have the ability to chemically bond and heat bond plastics as well as welding, we can also apply these methods and expertise to a large selection of foams.

We have been supplying aircraft interior trim companies with bespoke vacuum formings and foam parts for many years often introducing them to the latest materials and techniques.

We also supply transportation trays fitted with bespoke foam inserts which enables our customers to use the same size vacuum formed tray to transport different size components helping to keep tooling cost to a minimum.

Fabrication and Machining - Vacum Formers

We have full trimming and fabrication facilities available, these include traditional hand finishing skills along with 5 axis and 3 axis CNC machines.

Having both these techniques available means we are able to cater for one off bespoke projects as well as long production runs without the need to involve a third party, which in turn gives us full control over delivery dead lines and also helps us to maintain our high standard of quality control throughout the vacuum forming and finishing process.

We develop all our CNC tooling in-house and configure all our CNC programs, this enables us to implement any changes required without loss of production.

Programs can be produced from a drawing or we can replicate a sample product.

Fabrication and Machining - Vacum Formers

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