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Vacuum Forming

What is Vacuum Forming and how does it work...

Vacuum forming allows you to mould a plastic sheet into virtually any shape you can imagine.

How Vacuum Forming works - step 1

Step 1

The vacuum forming process starts with a sheet of plastic which is clamped into position.

How Vacuum Forming works - step 2

Step 2

The sheet is then heated by two heaters one above the sheet and one below the sheet.

This method is called sandwich heating and gives a more consistent temperature throughout the sheet avoiding any cold areas which in turn gives you a sharper and more defined vacuum form.

How Vacuum Forming works - step 3

Step 3

Once the sheet is heated to the correct temperature it will become pliable, the vacuum forming tool is raised and a vacuum is applied which pulls the now malleable plastic sheet down onto the vacuum forming tool

How Vacuum Forming works - step 4

Step 4

The vacuum is kept on while the plastic is cooled using large fans and water spray so that it retains the shape off the vacuum forming tool.

How Vacuum Forming works - step 6

Step 5

Once the plastic is cooled the vacuum is released and the plastic part removed by gently applying a short blast of air between the vacuum forming tool and the plastic component.

The vacuum form is now ready for finishing either by hand or CNC machine.

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