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Vacuum Forming

Maggie Vacuum Formed Mould

Airforme - Your Specialists in Vacuum Forming

Since being established in 1993 AIRFORME has been at the forefront of vacuum forming industry standards.

Primarily involved in the production of vacuum formed moulds for the wetcast concrete industry, our expertise and knowledge soon spread to all areas of vacuum forming.

We have vast experience in manufacturing vacuum formed components for the Aviation, Automotive, Electrical, Catering, Marine, Rail, Military, Medical, Retail, Food & Drink, point of display and Transportation Industries. We have worked with some of the biggest names within these industries helping us to gain a reputation for quality and service within the vacuum forming industry.

Vacuum Forming

Transportation Tray

Taxi Sign

Engine Cover

Electrical Cover

We have a design team on hand to help guide you through the vacuum forming process, they are here to assist you with all your vacuum forming requirements - they will advise you on the most effective way to produce your vacuum formed part. Together we can discuss which material suits your particular project the best and in this way we are able to understand exactly what it is you require.

We manufacture all our vacuum forming tools in-house, this reduces the time it takes to make any modifications required and also reduces third party involvement keeping your designs completely confidential.

We offer a complete one stop solution - we are able to take a new vacuum formed product from design to prototype, then into production with efficiency without compromising quality.

Vacuum Forming

Door Panel

Storage Trays

Wheel Cover

Location Cones
& Surrounds

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