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Bespoke Centre Pieces

Below is a selection of centre pieces created for our various customers.

When we design these centre pieces there are several aspects to take into account.

First of all we have to design a centre piece that stands out from others already in production, secondly we need to make sure that we can vacuum form the designed shape and finally we have to take into account the size and weight of each vacuum formed mould, making sure that each moulded segment can be easily de-moulded manually if required.

Some of our customers design there own centre piece and will give us drawings to work to and others have a rough idea of what they require such as size and shape and leave the rest to us.

There are virtually no restrictions on the size or shape of your design, a textured surface can be produced from an existing range meaning your new centre piece will be able to be incorporated into existing layouts. If you do not have a sample of the texture you require this is not a problem as we can recreate all different types of textures for your requirements.

Aurora Centre Piece - Wetcast ABS Moulds

Aurora Centre Piece

Catherine Wheel Centre Piece - Wetcast ABS Moulds

Catherine Wheel Centre Piece

Lakeland Star Centre Piece - Wetcast ABS Moulds

Lakeland Star Centre Piece

Siesta Sun Centre Piece - Wetcast ABS Moulds

Siesta Sun Centre Piece

Chapter Corner Centre Piece - Wetcast ABS Moulds

Chapter Corner Centre Piece

Oval Centre Piece - Wetcast ABS Moulds

Oval Centre Piece

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