Vaccum Forming

Vaccum Forming

Welcome to Airforme Products Limited

Specialists in Vacuum Forming

Formed in 1993, Airforme Products has provided a service for high quality Vacuum formed parts and components. Our premises in Bristol include In-house Tooling, modern Vacuum Forming Machines, both 5-Axis and 3-Axis CNC Trimming.
Airforme has produced vacuum formings for a wide cross section of industries. This has enabled us to gain a vast knowledge of the vacuum forming industry, which means we are able to meet all our customer requirements from the initial prototype through development and onto production.
Typical examples of Mouldings designed and produced to suit Customer’s needs, are illustrated in the Moulds and Vacuum Forming sections.

Vacuum Forming

Since being established in 1993 AIRFORME has been at the forefront of vacuum forming industry standards.
Primarily involved in the production of vacuum formed moulds for the wetcast concrete industry, our expertise and knowledge soon spread to all areas of vacuum forming.
We have vast experience in manufacturing vacuum formed components for the Aviation, Automotive, Electrical, Catering, Marine, Rail, Military, Medical, Retail, Food & Drink, point of display and Transportation Industries. We have worked with some of the biggest names within these industries helping us to gain a reputation for quality and service within the vacuum forming industry.

Wetcast ABS Moulds

Our vacuum formed moulds are made from ABS plastic which has bean tried and tested in the wetcast industry over the last 25 years, proving to be strong and durable. Our moulds will produce hundreds of pavers and last for many years if treated correctly i.e. use a good quality release oil and are supported correctly. This not only prolongs the life of the mould but also ensures each paver is of a high standard.
All our wetcast vacuum formed moulds are available in various thicknesses of plastic if required.
If you cannot find the stone texture or design you require on our website, please contact us as we can produce a range specifically for your requirements, this could be a single mould or an entire range designed by you.

Tooling & Design

Airforme Products Ltd have full pattern making facilities in house, this enables us to be more cost effective and reduces the time it takes to get your idea from paper to prototype. Equally we can use a vacuum forming tool supplied by a third party. We can produce patterns/tooling from a drawing or from a sample of the product required.
The design of the vacuum forming tool is a vital part of the vacuum forming process and requires careful consideration to avoid costly changes later.
We are able to guide you through this process step by step and advise you on the best method for your particular project.